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If you’ve been a follower of this blog at all, you know how much we love and the wonderfully produced videos they provide for VR Porn Lovers everywhere to enjoy. While it’s not often that we report on individual videos themselves (let us know in the comments if you would like us to do it a little more), their newest offering is so damn sexy I just couldn’t resist talking about it. Let me start by saying the starlet of the video, Polish born Misha Cross, is about the sexiest little thing I’ve ever seen. Heralded by some to be the next Sasha Grey, she is one naughty girl and as beautiful as they come. I mean this girl is absolutely,…


EON Reality’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technologies in Healthcare and Life-Sciences

EON Reality’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technologies in Healthcare and Life-Sciences Attendees explored how EON Reality‘s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are impacting the future of Life Sciences and Healthcare, yesterday at EON Reality’s European Headquarters in Manchester, UK. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Source: EON Reality’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technologies in Healthcare and Life-Sciences


Finally: Google Cardboard works on iPhones!

Google’s Clay Bavor announced an iOS Google Cardboard App for iPhones and the button works! The Google Cardboard App for iOS is, at the moment, only available in the USA AppStore but will soon be released worldwide. Link to the USA Apple AppStore Google Cardboard App Also a new Google Cardboard model is cumming which support smartphones with a screen size up to 6 inches, which means it will now support the iPhone 6 plus as well. Source: The Verge ( Price Google Cardboard App for iOS: Free (off-course) Website: News 29/05/2015 Mike_VR No comments Tweet this article Written by Mike_VR View all posts by: Mike_VR Related Posts Visus VR – Another approach Over 50 VR Games in the AppStore…

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Oculus Has No Intentions to Block Rift Porn

Oculus VR does not have any intention to stop VR Porn developers and the adult entertainment industry from using it’s the Oculus Rift headset as a device for immersive erotica. On Monday, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey made it official when he was on a panel at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference. “The Rift is an open platform. We don’t control what software can run on it,” Luckey said when he was responding to a question regarding their intentions to block X-rated videos or applications, according to Variety.  “And that’s a big deal.” The Facebook-owned business is planning to begin shipping the consumer version of the Oculus rift in the first quarter of 2016 with pre-orders beginning later this year. The new…

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Another news post, more happenings over at New releases and bug fixes with new version updates… and an MVR release! To get in the mood, please check out this track: Bel Heir – Kiss The Devil We have been very busy rolling out the next batch of updates for our BVR line of products, now up to version 1.33. With many bug fixes, plus additions and version changes. Be sure to grab the latest update of any of your purchases by logging into your account and going to the downloads section. . Introducing our latest updates AVR – Advanced Virtual Rendering BVR – Basic Virtual Rendering MVR – Mobile Virtual Rendering . We have finally released our first set…

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Virtual Intimacy: The Digital Age Is Creating New Definitions for Sex

Forget what you thought you knew about sex and intimacy. Definitions for Sex Virtual Intimacy One of the most discussed topics at our Future of Sex meetup in Sydney last November was virtual intimacy. As technology expands the boundaries of sex, it also raises questions about what it means to connect with another person. It’s almost impossible not to be affected in this digital world. Both adults and young people are exploring sexuality with new forms of communication. Sex tech is opening up huge possibilities for sex and intimacy, and with it discussion on whether that’s a good thing or not. In the videos below, three panelists from the meetup, Mark Pesce, Jacqueline Hellyer, and Catharine Lumby, speak about the impact of these widening…


Virtalis Joins the MINTs

Written by David Cockburn-Price, Managing Director at Virtalis Virtalis has jumped on a band wagon without even being aware such a bandwagon existed! Radio 4 has gone MINT mad this week. For the uninitiated, this acronym stands for Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey and these are predicted to be the next emerging economic giants. What they really share beyond having a lot of people, is that at least for the next 20 years, they have really good “inner” demographics – they are all going to see a rise in the number of people eligible to work relative to those not working.So, if Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey get their act together, some of them could match the double-digit growth rates…


SpaceBall 5000

Premium Motion Controller The SpaceBall 5000 delivers the comfort and efficiency users have come to expect from Virtual Realities motion controllers with even greater performance than the older SpaceBall 4000 FLX Model. With 12 programmable buttons, you can keep functions and macros right at your fingertips. Designed to enhance demanding 3D software applications at the highest level, the SpaceBall 5000 lets you grab onto the power of your software with both hands. Two Handed Power Operating together with a traditional mouse, the SpaceBall 5000 delivers a more efficient and balanced way to work. Simultaneously pan, zoom or rotate 3D models or datasets with the controller in one hand, while the other hand selects, inspects or edits with the mouse. More…

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Rift Experiences | Oculus

Please enable JavaScript to continue. toggle menu Featured The Assembly £19.99 DiRT Rally £39.99 Cityscape Repairman 2.0 £5.99 Games VR Karts £10.99 Darknet £7.99 Audio Arena £7.99 Oculus Made By Oculus Coming Soon Touch Titles Entertainment Oculus Dreamdeck Free The Rose And I Free Apps Within Free Vrideo Free Discovery VR Free Top-selling EVE: Valkyrie £44.99 The Assembly £19.99 DiRT Rally £39.99 Early access Chernobyl VR Project £10.99 SwingStar £3.99 Titans of Space 2.0 £5.99 Concepts The Body VR Free InCell Free Mythos of the World Axis Free Browse all Dreadhalls £7.99 The Assembly £19.99 Fly to KUMA £10.99 Developers © 2016 Oculus VR, LLC. Source: Rift Experiences | Oculus