Hideo Kojima Joins Virtual Reality Studio

Hideo Kojima, the world famous videogame creator, recently joined the advisory board at Prologue Immersive. Many people consider Kojima as a modern genius of the videogame industry, he’s frequently focused in the future, an avant-garde of gaming. Hideo Kojima Joins Advisory Board At Prologue Immersive Kojima thinks that Virtual Reality is not only able to change games, but also change people’s lives and the how they interact with entertainment, education, and other important aspects. Hideo Kojima, along with the CEO and co-founder of Prologue Immersive, Kimberly Cooper, and his partner, Kyle Cooper, will provide his vast experience in gaming and geniality to Virtual Reality. Kimberly Cooper is one of the most prominent creative executive in entertainment and design, she has…


Oculus Explains Why They Didn’t Launch Touch with the Rift (Even Though They Could Have)

Oculus says they could have shipped Touch alongside the launch of the Rift back in April, but explains why they’ve been biding their time. Despite delaying their Touch VR motion controller to the latter half of 2016, Oculus says the hardware could have gone out the door on day one. “It was possible for us to launch the first Touch device when we showed it, and everyone said ‘this is awesome,’ we could have shipped it,” said Jason Rubin, Head of Content at Oculus, speaking with Road to VR at Gamescom 2016 earlier this month. See Also: Oculus is Working on a ‘Chaperone’-like Boundary System for Touch Although a strong hardware foundation was there, the company didn’t want to put the…


Samsung Gear 360 Live In Action

There two things to experience from this 360 video. First is that the Samsung Gear 360 is probably the most turnkey high quality 360 camera on the market at the moment without having to cost you a fortune, and second is what it is like to be walking in the streets of Hong Kong in total immersive 360-degree view. In comparison with the current 360 cameras on the market, the Samsung Gear 360 is possibly the most affordable camera at the highest quality. The Kodak SP360 shoots in 4K but you need to buy two in order to film in full spherical. The Ricoh Theta is also another option but it only shoots 1080p, and the picture quality doesn’t look…


Best Buy Adds Virtual Reality to 500 Stores

Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy Co., fell in love with Virtual Reality after almost being eaten by a shark. Not a real shark of course, a virtual reality one, he referred to the experience as “mind boggling.” Oculus Rift and VR Going Mainstream Thanks to Best Buy Joly is betting that Best Buy’s customers will adore the new technology, and he’s betting big. The rollout of Oculus Rift headsets started in May, but by the holiday shopping season 500 stores will have the Oculus VR headsets for demonstration. This is definitely the first mainstream test of a virtual reality product in the world. The company is also showing 200 demonstrations of Sony’s PlayStation VR, which are rotating between locations….


Survey: 78% of AR/VR Developers Not Planning Platform-exclusive Content

In a survey published by VRDC, AR and VR developers are largely leaning toward platform agnostic development for their next projects. While Oculus and Valve/HTC continue to take two different approaches to stoking the development of VR games and applications—Oculus providing funding to developers in exchange for platform-exclusivity; Valve/HTC opting to let devs go it alone—the VR/AR Innovation Report survey published by VRDC suggests that the great majority of developers expect their next AR/VR development projects to be platform agnostic. Unless there’s a considerable deal struck for exclusivity, many developers will naturally want to make their product accessible on as many platforms as possible, but some may choose to stick to a single platform for other reasons such as ease-of-development/support, or unique…



PRESIDENT OBAMA BECOMES FIRST SITTING PRESIDENT TO BE FEATURED IN A VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE, CREATED BY FELIX & PAUL STUDIOS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC AND OCULUS Felix & Paul Studios, the Emmy® Award-winning creator of live-action virtual reality experiences, today launched a virtual reality experience created in partnership with the White House, Facebook’s Oculus team and National Geographic. President Barack Obama becomes the first sitting United States president to participate in a VR experience, filmed over Father’s Day weekend at Yosemite National Park in honor of the National Park Service’s Centennial. Through the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America’s National Parks transports viewers to Yosemite National Park alongside President Obama as he honors the legacy of our country’s national parks, and remarks on the themes of conservation, preservation and…


Watch Yosemite Tour With Obama In Virtual Reality

Back in June, President Barack Obama visited the Yosemite National Park in California and, while standing in front of the spectacular Yosemite Falls, he talked about Yosemite’s natural beauty, climate change, and conservation. He even told the crowd that you can’t capture such a beauty on a painting, a flatscreen, or an iPad. But You Can Capture Yosemite’s Beauty In Virtual Reality Earlier today, Felix and Paul Studios published a short 11 minutes video showing the presidential visit to the Yosemite National Park. The VR content studio produced the short film for Facebook-owned Oculus in a partnership with National Geographic. “Through the Ages: President Obama Celebrates America’s National Parks” is the title of the short film and it features material…


‘Rick and Morty’ Co-creator & Former Epic Games Exec. Producer Form New VR Studio, Squanchtendo

With a name that could only have come from the mind of Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, Squanchtendo is a VR game studio founded by Roiland and former Epic Games producer Tanya Watson to “[combine] edgy, mature comedy with refined, high-end gameplay mechanics and stories.” While many of you may remember the official VR game Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality that was announced back in July, it seems as if the development of that title will remain in the hands of the venerable Owlchemy Labs while Roiland’s own Squanchtendo will focus on original IP. The new studio is making its existence known ahead of PAX next week where they’ll reveal their first VR project. Justin Roiland | Photo courtesy Justin Roiland (CC BY-SA…

Porn / Sex

Revolutionizing Sex Therapy using VR Porn

What was once a fictional technology of the future is now beginning to change our view for gaming and entertainment. Virtual Reality producers are continuously improving and transforming the potential of this product and the Adult industry is taking the advantage. Watching porn has never been more realistic and more intimate. Though more and more adult companies are beginning to develop their VR videos, BadoinkVR has taken it to the next level! The company aims to expand your horizon and turn sexual fantasies into an immersive, educational video that provides its viewers some guidance to improve their sex lives. Welcome to “Virtual Sexology”; the latest XXX edutainment. All you need is your smartphone, a virtual headset and an incredible persuasive…


Wayfair Patio Playground Launches for Oculus Rift

Wayfair, the famous American e-commerce company that sells furniture, launches a new VR app for the Oculus Rift. This VR app allows its shoppers to try all kinds of outdoor furniture and other decoration items from Wayfair’s catalog by watching how they look through the VR headset. Patio Playground Is The New Way To Buy Things Online The VR App was developed by Wayfair Next, the research and development team inside Wayfair, and it uses the Oculus Rift platform. Wayfair Patio Playground let you view a landscape where you can discover and rearrange all kinds of furniture or décor that suit your favorite outdoor settings. People must only wear the VR headset and use the controller to travel to a…